Friday, January 18, 2008

Gutter Mouth

Well it was inevitable.  What was once a sunny little PG-rated blog has now garnered this:

I blame Mike Huckabee for goading me into telling him to fuck off.

Shit.  There I go again.  Jesus Christ.

It all raises the question:  What the hell do you have to do to get an NC-17, goddammit.  Because I'll do it.  You bet your ass I will.

I Heart Huckabee

On the eve of the Republican primary in Michigan, Mike Huckabee made a speech about how he'd like to see abortion and marriage rights handled. Mr. Huckabee would like to see the Constitution amended to match "God's standards."

Oh, yes. He did. You can see it right here:

In case it isn't obvious, Mr. Huckabee believes God's standards mean women don't deserve control over their reproductive health and gays are best viewed behind razor wire while wearing pink-felt triangles.

Mr. Huckabee, sadly, went on to place a distant third in Michigan.

This leads me to believe that God's standards are working just fine when it comes to Mike. It certainly seems to be His will that Huckabee will be this election's Howard Dean.

Since God won't say it to you directly, Mike, I sure will: It's my Constitution, too. Tend to your own marriage and keep yer fuckin' paws off my rights. Sheesh. You should be embarrassed to think you have any concept of the Word of God. I'm pretty certain He's embarrassed plenty by you.

You keep preachin', though, sugar. It's gonna be a lot easier for *any* Democrat in the fall to win against you than the others. It takes a special kind of guy to make a mormon look viable. So I wish you all the success in the world.