Monday, December 31, 2007

In It To Win It?

Now anyone who knows me for more than two seconds knows I'm not a Republican. My politics tend to make Ghandi look like a social conservative.

But I LOVE politics and the wheeling/dealing manipulativeness of it all. Where others get turned off by the hucksterism, I eat that shit up. Blame it on either my career as a corporate communicator or on my general lack of a moral compass. Who cares. What I really care about is the fight.

Which brings us to John McCain. Anyone who spent some time in a tiger trap in Vietnam gets props from me. Would I vote for him? Oh, hell no. But a tip of the hat to John for his character and his service to this country. And heaven knows the man wants to be president.

Or does he? The campaign so far, which should have been his for the picking, has been a mess. Including his dread of anything negative.

Well at least his public dread. Apparently he's been sitting on an ad spot that knocks ol' Mitt's teeth in. It's been leaked now, which probably will get it more air time for free. And McCain won't have to take responsibility for actually trotting it out to the public.

But more than whether or not McCain or Romney is the right choice ... because trust me, they ain't ... I think this is some damn fine political maneuvering.

So I share it with you here with mad props to for digging it all up in the first place: